Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no need to panic. We will have an emergency manual override feature on your automatic gate to make sure you don’t get shut out or in when there is a power failure. Also, we can put a backup battery system in place if you want.

Well, depending on the attributes of your existing gate, this is a possibility. However, we will take out time to visit your property and assess the materials and the condition of the entrance free of charge to know what can and cannot work.

We can install an intercom in your gate system to allow visitors to hit a button that will ring an electric bell inside your house. That way, you will be able to confirm their entry by pushing the button on your intercom receiver. If you want to issue trusted people your passcode, we can get it done as well.

That is always possible if the object or person moves too quickly. Nevertheless, systems with correctly-positioned sensors never have this kind of problem. It is worthy to note that most operators have inbuilt safety features where if the gate asserts too much pressure, a safety pin will snap and prevent any damage or accident from taking place.

Yes, you can. An inclined driveway obviously stops gates from opening correctly, but that’s why there is the swinging gate option that extends away from the property. Nevertheless, installing such gates has to be done in a way they would not obstruct public roads. Most people install sliding gates to avoid the problems altogether, but much depends on the space available at the entrance.

Generally, a smooth-running installation takes between 3 to 6 hours. But be reminded that this does not include off-site fabrication time or logistics. The bigger the project, the more person-hours it takes, and that could amount to a few days. Most automatic driveway installations take an afternoon from start to finish.

Installing an automatic driveway gate isn’t something anyone can DIY. The process is a lot more complicated than most people understand. So if you want to install the gate opener, you first need to know the details of the system’s working. Only professionals can do this with minimal or no fuss.

Should all the needed items be in stock and the gates in situ, the system can be installed in a few days. Nonetheless, it is best to allow time for auxiliary items to be produced and installed as per custom options.

Automatic sensors are designed to detect approaching people and cars to the gates will automatically give way. Still, we can provide you keypads within your grounds and install a buzzer outside the property.

We certainly can. Irrespective of the type or the manufacturer, our technicians are experienced in servicing all kinds of automatic gates.