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Driveway Gate Repair Las Vegas

Working with a reputable company like Silver State Automatic Gates to install and oversee the repair of your driveway gate is as easy as a Netflix tagger. Nevertheless, more often than not, there are other things you need to take into consideration in the process, the majority of which is our burden to bear.


Having a driveway gate that doesn’t work well is similar to caring for a German Shepherd that can’t bark at unwanted intruders. Consider the main reason you want that gate installed. Are you trying to double your security measures or just enhance your property’s curb appeal? Or is a play for more privacy?

By giving answers to these questions, you will be aiding us to determine the type of functionality you want from the driveway system. It will help us know which model would best work for both your property and your personal needs.


As a property owner, you need to decide whether you want the driveway gate to be manual or automatic. Perhaps you need more than one installation to make for a wraparound driveway or a pedestrian addition for walk-through access.

Or maybe you want a door within the driveway gate itself. If you need hands-free access to open and lock the system, we will also take care of it. Accessibility is a huge decision, and we are always willing to help you figure it out.

Working Materials

How do you want the driveway gate to look? Think about the maintenance it will need, the size you want it to be and the resultant weight. Then find a way to throw in your choicest design, whether stereotypical or unique. Just bear it at the back of your mind, however, that wood is typically heavier, which makes it not ideal for large gates.

Steel types last longer, but they are costlier than aluminium and wood. A company that knows its onions in the driveway gate category will be able to help you make the right choice of materials to resonate with the style and landscape of your property.

Opener Kits

If you want to save some cash on your driveway gate installation, you might want to consider choosing the right type of opener kit. Options exist for remote-controlled systems, keypad-based panels and intercom systems. Remote-controlled driveway gate systems are as effective as the alternatives, but it is the most affordable opener kit.

The key panel system is slightly more expensive—and involves rolling down your car window to punch in the secret passcode to unlock the gate. If a few more hundred dollars is something you can conveniently afford, the intercom system is the supreme overlord of opener kits you should go for. It comes with a remote control or a keypad.

Silver State Automatic Gates Got You

When you want to have that driveway gate installed, you are better off hiring a company experienced and with the right equipment to make the project tick.

We are knowledgeable in the security hardware and software components used in designing these systems. We get the job done right the very first time and finish on time.

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