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Electric Gate Installation Las Vegas

We offer a full installation service for all of our gate range and types. From simple side and garden gates to double driveway and sliding gate systems. Prior to selecting your gate style/ size etc, we can provide a site survey. Or, we are happy to assist you via our sales team who will guide you through all the information that we require to produce an accurate gate installation cost.

Benefits of having your new gate installed by us:

Professional installation teams – Working on one installation at a time. Same team on site from start to finish. Once install is complete, site will be cleared and tidy. Final QC (quality control) checks will take place for damage and working order.

Limit possible damage – Goods are produced in our factory, wrapped and placed directly into our install vans. This ensures that the gates are delivered and installed with 100% care and protection.

Only one company – Peace of mind, from production to install, there is no need to have multiple companies involved. Our choice of gates includes: Wooden Driveway Gates (inc Sliding Driveway Gates and Split Driveway Gates), Side Gates, Garden Gates, Field Gates or Garage Doors. All lovingly crafted in from the finest timber and delivered to your home. Our “Prestige” range of gates – the collection we are proudest of. Stunning designs constructed from a selection of the finest materials, all lovingly handcrafted to any size by our skilled joiners and fabricators.

Like the gates themselves, the installation process can either be simple and straightforward, or complex and challenging. Some properties are fraught with natural obstacles – steep inclines and declines, gravel roads, trees and landscaping, uneven driveway angles – and our installation teams are trained to combine both skill and resourcefulness to overcome those obstacles. Most importantly, we never lose sight of both the functional requirements of the system, and the aesthetic demands of the property owner. Each team is selected according to the tasks at hand, ensuring that the specific needs of the job – from the technical to the physical, mechanics to masonry – are all met, and the project is completed correctly and efficiently.

Gate Opener Services Las Vegas

-Silver State Automatic Gates can provide you with a reliable gate opener that will protect your property as well as provide added convenience of an easy opening gate. The gate openers that we sell, install, & service are very simple to operate. There is almost zero maintenance & they run smoothly for a long time!

Our gate openers consist of a strong mechanized arm. This arm is capable of lifting the gate open and closed in several different configurations. This depends on the type of gate that you have. And on the way you would like it to open. Through a reliable gate opener, a signal will be sent directly from the access control panel.

-You could potentially open your gate via a smart phone. The control signal is sent from a key fob (or a full remote-control keypad). With the keypad option you could potentially have a code that could be used to close or open the gate with ease. This can provide an added feature. Making it simple for any visitors. So that they know how to operate the gate. And gain access to your property. Also providing added assurance if you happen to forget your key.

As an additional security feature your gate can provide automatic reverse. In case it happens to hit an obstacle or remain obstructed. Having access to these safety features will ensure that your device does not risk a breakage getting held up or unable to reverse.

-Most gate opening devices are actually manufactured to work with almost any type of gate. The two most popular gates that we work with include swing Gates as well as sliding gates. The gate openers that we install are all designed with the idea of a certain weight and size accommodation. Linear and articulated gates are available for installation.

Articulated arm style gates work with a pad mounted on gates which are typically heavier than normal. This type of system is not generally installed into a solid wood gate. Because wind resistance on these materials can add extra weight. This places extra strain on the frame of the gate. When we arrive at your location to perform an assessment. We will look into the best type of gate opener that will suit the needs of your gate installation.

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